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tohnichi torque wrench Malaysia


Tohnichi provides a wide range of torque equipment designed to fill needs of various applications. Tohnichi offers a wide variety of torque products, including power torque tools, manual torque tools and torque measuring instruments. Available separately, or as tightening assurance or     tool management systems, our line is composed of some of the highest quality and most innovative torque equipment on the market.


Tohnichi began manufacturing high quality torque tools in 1949. Our reputation and success have grown by emphasizing strict standards    for accuracy, function and durability. Today, Tohnichi are Japan's   largest supplier of torque tools, as well as a leading supplier worldwide.


The torque wrench is classified into two categories; click type and indicating type. Click type is mainly used for a tightening work in which "click" notices reach of set torque value. Indicating type is mainly used for a measurement or inspection work in which a measured value expresses numerically.



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